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About us.

Our Story

I guess we can all agree on one thing: when the neighbor Givatayim offers bars in every corner, and the big sister Tel Aviv has become a name in the world at the level of nightlife, we are left behind. That's why we set up Apollo, a neighborhood bar that aims to be a warm home for anyone who wants to come down on a beer at the end of the day, have a picnic with friends or go on a date on a bottle of good wine. On the menu you can find the famous New York salafie with secret sauce, hamburger, salads And another bunch of hawks that will not leave you hungry with a commitment!

So we are here on Jerusalem Boulevard 5 waiting for you on the bar to provide you with a different atmosphere.

About us

The Apollo Bar was inspired by the Apollo Theater, one of the most famous concert halls In the United States, and is considered to be the most connected to Afro-American artists, including Ella Fitzgerald, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Billie Holiday, James Brown and many others. The site is considered a historic preservation site and has appeared in guest appearances in several American series and films. The place also served as a stage for jazz musicians Large and still can be heard in concerts of quality black music. Also, once a week takes place An amateurs evening is held there; And the stage is frequented by comedians, singers, musicians, dancers, bands and more. Our goal at Apollo Bar is to bring you a taste of this theater atmosphere and ultimately provide you with a different experience than any ordinary neighborhood bar.